Real Estate

Matters involving personal and/or commercial real estate vary. Legal counsel may be needed in matters related to landlord/tenant disputes, adverse possession, inverse condemnation, oil/gas issues, nuisance actions, title issues, quiet title actions, forcible entry and detainer (eviction) proceedings, construction disputes and acquisition/disposition of property.

Condemnation, Eminent Domain

& Landowner Rights

The taking of private property by a governmental entity or public utility for public use — commonly referred to as eminent domain or condemnation — is a unique legal proceeding unlike any other. While the  governmental entity or public utility may take your private real estate from you if they deem it necessary for public use, they must pay “just compensation” to the landowner in exchange for any taking. Payment can be the result of an agreement between government authority and landowner, commissioners' award, or trial. Having an experienced attorney during this process is important to maximize "just compensation."